Executive Coaching

Work one-to-one to understand your leadership strengths and have a safe sounding board for exploring challenges.  Raise your emotional intelligence, cope more effectively with conflict, increase productivity, improve communication skills, identify and move intentionally toward your most important goals.

Team Coaching

Designed for executive teams, work teams, or functional groups, team coaching uncovers individual and shared strengths and the gaps that may be holding the team back from achieving peak performance.   Close interpersonal gaps, engage in healthy conflict, understand your impact (positive or negative) on the team, increase trust and understanding.


Skilled facilitation of critical meetings ensures maximum participation, creative approaches and solid outcomes. Workshops allow more time to designated topics and utilize experiential learning for real-time practice of new skills like uncovering your signature presence, developing a compelling mission and vision, and discovering shared values.


targeted experience

Employee & Marketing
Communications Leaders

You spend most of your time focused on others and helping them look good. Constant change keeps you in reactive mode.  Communications is your lifeblood but maybe you’ve lost your own voice in the process. Take time to look at how your communications reflect your leadership, expand your business acumen, increase your self-awareness and grow important relationships to deliver exceptional results.


Chief Information Officers
& IT Professionals

Increased pressures to do more with less, and to think strategically while keeping the lights on, have made your job more demanding than ever.  You are at the center of strategic enterprise change efforts. Take time to focus on how you can collaborate with more impact, build trust with stakeholders, and communicate with authenticity, clarity and courage to lead transformational change.


Sales & Business
Development Executives

You give 100% to your customers and partners and strive to exceed aggressive goals. The market place is increasingly complex and compensation structures continually shift making it hard to understand your financial return. Slow down (to go fast) by taking time to examine your productivity, hone your personal selling style, and improve your communication techniques to increase effectiveness and personal satisfaction.